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Valley Views Commercial Park

Design, as member Imbonofja Architects cc

Character, Functional, View, Communication

The client approached us to design a commercial park containing the following: commercial space, industrial, logistics and office component.  Spaces had to be flexible and sub-dividable to cater for individual needs.  A strong emphasis was also placed on aesthetics due to the prominent nature of the site.


The character for the entire development needed to portray a contemporary industrial/commercial park with state of the art technology.


Even though the development consisted of various components ranging from commercial industrial logistics to office accommodation, all spaces had to be functional and multi-faceted to ensure developmental changes can occur.


The site is situated on a prominent piece of ground with views from the facilities as well as the facilities being visible from all angles.  The design had to be done in such a way that service yards and storage space were not visible from roadways leading to development, as well as still being functional.