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Contract value R8-million (Lady Grey)
Urban Design
Design, Document, Supervise to Completion as member Imbonofja Architects cc

Kwazinaledi Node was identified as a social node to integrate the small town of Lady Grey with the expanding informal settlement.  The development also included a pedestrian bridge over a small river to ensure the safety of the community. The node was developed to serve ordinary people and create architecturally designed space to interact with.


The node is positioned between the sprawling informal settlement and the town.  Circulation toward town and visa versa would force people to use the node and therefore highlighted the importance of the area. The node was designed to also form a new entrance to town by not excluding the informal settlement but embracing its existence. Visual and practical connections had to be made to ensure the node works as a safe circulation, safe gathering and social space.

Safety for the community crossing the river was one of the main concerns due to a drowning on the very spot a new bridge would be built.  The illumination of the path and new node was critical for the safety of people during the evening and was done with great care.


Services included a taxi rank, ablution facility, informal trading facility, new town name board, social adhering space, indigenous garden space, disabled circulation space, outdoor gym facilities.


The community and the people were made part of the project with workshops during design phase as well as providing social functions not available within the informal settlement, like the training areas for the local football team and designated taxi stops.


Transport to the area is through taxis and by using bicycles or walking.  We ensured that all these modes of transport could be accommodated.