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Complete 2013(East London)
Contract size 28 million

Design, Document, Supervise to Completion as member Imbonofja Architects cc

Building was designed to take full opportunity of the street façade presenting very strong towards the adjacent shopping Centre and ensuring tenant visibility. The building design consists of a basement and two floors with a double volume atrium connecting the various spaces. Tenanted areas were designed to change from 100 to 800 square meters on each floor. All tenants have external views.

Modular design, Natural light, Imposing Façade, Low Maintenance, Natural flow

Modular design

The building was designed to accommodate a multitude of people within the tenant market. Access to all offices is through a central atrium with office size interchangeable to suite most tenants. Ablution facilities form part of this space and fire escape routes serve this space to the back of the building.

Natural Light,

Natural light formed an important part of the building design. The double story atrium space are illuminated by clear story windows which illuminated both floors. Remaining office windows was oversized to ensure maximum natural light penetration for most office space.

Imposing Façade

The client wanted the building to have a presence in its location, next to a mall with sprawling carpark. This was done by maximizing the let table area of the building by providing parking below and maximizing floor space above. Thus creating a visually strong front façade.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance is a costly expense and was minimized by using face brick with Aluminum and plenty of glass throughout the building. The use of plaster was minimized and was used to allow better finishing around windows and doors. All steel work was hot dip galvanized and epoxy painted to ensure maximum life expectancy.

Natural flow

The use of an atrium with all services accessing from it, ensured the natural flow of people in and out of the building. A central security desk for the building at the ground floor, prevents unwanted access throughout the building.