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4 Pearce Street was completed 2011 (East London)

Contract value : R8-million

Design, Document, Supervise to Completion as member Imbonofja Architects cc.

4 Pearce Street was a collaboration between an architectural firm and a town planning firm to design a new office building for the two firms with separate rent-able sections each.  The building was designed in such a way that after construction, the building could be split into two equal sections without being visually symmetrical.

Maximized Site, Natural Materials, Green Principals, Water Wise, Natural Light, link to outside, multiple rent-able opportunities, site sensitive.

Maximized Site

Site only 1 000 meters square with a cross fall of 3 meters.  It was decided to cut into the bank to create a basement with enough parking for the office component together with additional visitors parking.

Natural Materials

The building was designed with natural material that is very low in maintenance.  Face brick to façade. Minimizing plaster and paint on facades.  The use of Belau timber on decks, sunscreens and balustrades. Aluminium window frames throughout.

Green Principals

The building was designed in such a way that sun not only illuminates most spaces during the day but also heats spaces during winter, and are screened in summer to keep spaces cool.  Movement censors were placed throughout the building to ensure lights are switched off when no one is occupying the building.  VRV air conditioning system was installed to minimize the use of electricity and ensure optimal comfort levels to separate spaces.

Individual electricity monitoring ensure that tenants will be alerted should normal energy consumption increase.

Water Wise

All fittings are fitted with flow restrictors and all WC’s fitted with 2 button cisterns to ensure minimal use of water.  WC’s urinals and shower and drip irrigation system are supplied with water recycled from the roof.

Natural Light

Individual offices are situated on the periphery and oversize glass panels and doors are situated within internal walls to ensure natural light penetrates open plan spaces.  Entrance foyers are lit by high level clear story windows and the use of glass walls to reception areas enhance the light open feel.

Multiple Rent-able Opportunities

The building was designed to be able to be changed from 50 square meters to 300 square meters with 4 different entrance foyers.

 Link to Outside

The link to the outside was created by providing each section with a designated external balcony or patio where people can gather.

Site Sensitive

Building design and aesthetics were done to be sensitive to the surroundings, rather than to overpower the street façade, so as to ensure a subtle yet powerful presence.